Quidco Guess 2 Win November 2018

Quidco Guess 2 Win November 2018

Don’t you just love it when you completely miss the start of a new Quidco giveaway? Unfortunately, it happens to me all too often…does anyone actually receive an email about them? Anyhoo, thank you to my lovely reader Steve who emailed me to ask where the heck my answers were for the November Quidco Guess 2 Win giveaway…well, they’re here now!

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BubbleBum Review: Inflatable Booster Seat

Bubblebum review

I’m not the best person in a car and there is a reason I don’t drive so Eban’s safety is extremely important to me. There have been a few instances where we’ve not had the car seat to hand for him such as an emergency nephew pick up (who is younger) or a change of plans when his Grandad has come to pick him up but Aaron has been out in the car. Although, emergency/unexpected situations are completely fine to be without a car seat they still make me nervous. When the guys at Bubblebum asked if I’d like to give their Inflatable Booster Seat a go I was rather giddy; here is my BubbleBum review.

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Never Step On A Rogue Lego Again: Toy Storage Bag Review

Toy Storage Bag

I hate Lego, I’m sorry but I do! I never liked it much as a kid and I like it even less as a parent. For me it’s too tiny, too fiddle and it friggin hurts when you step on it. Unfortunately for me my husband loves it and Eban, when he gets going enjoys it. Recently when I asked him why he doesn’t play with it all that much his response is that he wants to play with it in the living room but doesn’t like having to clear it all up afterwards. I mean, I have to agree with him as it can take longer to clear away than you actually spend playing with it. That’s when I went on a hunt for a toy storage bag.

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