The Personal Barber Subscription Box

The Personal Barber

With Birchboxes and Pink Parcels aplenty to treat yourself or your lady friends, it often seems like the men of this world get left out. I mean, not every guy wants a geek-themed box which is all there seems to be for them…well, until now. The awesome guys from The Personal Barber asked if Aaron would like to try one of their starter boxes so here is a look at what you get in it.

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Quidco Finding Cupid Giveaway 2017

Quidco finding cupid

Love is in the air with the Quidco and as you all know, I love a good giveaway! Whether it’s a free daily lottery draw or the ever so popular TopCashback Sweet Treats game – if there is free money involved then I’m there! So here it is again, this time it’s the Quidco Finding Cupid giveaway and here are your daily clues.

This Quidco Giveaway has now finished – if you are looking for the current giveaway then click here, all the daily clues are included.

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Affordable Dates to Get Through January

affordable dates

January is for new beginnings, new years resolutions, and new romances. Unfortunately, January is also known for short days and long nights that often have us sitting at home in complete boredom, wondering what you and your date can do to keep things exciting. I have put together a list of ideas for fun, affordable dates to keep January an interesting month, even if it means staying indoors!

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Valentine’s Day – Shmalentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Shmalentine's Day

So, it’s that time of year again – the shops become filled with red hearts, soppy teddy bears, overpriced roses and enough chocolate to let Willy Wonka have an early retirement. If you couldn’t tell by the post title, I don’t really do Valentine’s Day – to me, it really is a cash cow that every shop now seems to milk. It’s become less about showing your loved one you care and more of a “which partner got the best, most expensive gift” and the fact people now expect to be bought for means it has lost all of its meaning.

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