Juice Plus Omega Blend: Do You Need It?

Juice Plus Omega Blend: Do You Need It?

A few months ago the delightful company that is Juice Plus launched a new “must have” supplement to run alongside their other extortionate and pointless products. Now, I haven’t tried them because I have more sense than money but it doesn’t take a scientist to do a bit of Google research so, Juice Plus Omega Blend: do you need it?

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Vegan Christmas Dinner: Portobello Wellington

Portobello Mushroom Wellington Vegan

Christmas dinner is the highlight of the day for many people, especially adults who don’t get a mountain of toys to keep them occupied. With this being the first year Aaron and I are vegan for the festive fun I’ve spent some time researching exactly what we will be having for our vegan Christmas dinner. If you’re not a vegan still check out the recipe, it’s sooo good!

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A Roaring Success: Tiger Bread Recipe

tiger rolls

Our recent house move has taught us many things. One of those things is that living so close to an Asda supermarket can be a bad thing. Over the last few weeks we’ve popped in for the odd thing or two, as you do, and developed a slight addition to Tiger Bread. I decided to give it a try myself and making it vegan, so here is my Tiger Bread recipe.

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