The Veganuary Guide

The Veganuary guide

Now 2018’s ‘Veganuary’ is in full swing (where people adopt a vegan lifestyle and diet for January), it’s clear that this year is set to be the biggest yet with over 150,000 participants. Everyone involved in Veganuary has their own reasons for trying out the challenge, however, one of the most common reasons in recent years is weight loss, in fact – Veganuary 2017 saw weight loss as the second biggest reason for trying out veganism behind animal welfare.

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A Roaring Success: Tiger Bread Recipe

tiger rolls

Our recent house move has taught us many things. One of those things is that living so close to an Asda supermarket can be a bad thing. Over the last few weeks we’ve popped in for the odd thing or two, as you do, and developed a slight addition to Tiger Bread. I decided to give it a try myself and making it vegan, so here is my Tiger Bread recipe.

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Becoming a Vegan: The First Time


If you follow my YouTube channel then last week you may have seen that I restarted my Vlog and the first installment was the announcement that the husband and I had decided to go Vegan. Over the last week I’ve had a few friends ask “Have you gone Vegan?” because of the food posts I’d been sharing on Instagram with the hashtag #vegan so I thought, for those who don’t do YouTube, that I’d pop a post on here about it.

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