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Over my lifetime I’ve tried many consoles; my earliest memory of gaming is a Commodore 64, playing games such as RoboCop and Rainbow Island. Modern consoles are a much different story as many of you will know as well as coming with a pretty high price tag – making it harder for you to choose which console you should go with. Luckily Microsoft made our latest purchase an easy one and I’ll explain why in this Xbox One review.

xbox one review

Xbox One Review – The Purchase

Back at the start of November Aaron came home from work with a large bag in his hand and a smile on his face; I immediately knew what he had brought home. Only the day before we were discussing getting a console for the living room…another one. We have a habit of getting a console, getting bored and then selling it on. Something we did not too long ago with the PS4. With the impending move and loss of internet just around the corner, he decided that an early Christmas present was in order. He presented me with our new Storm Grey Xbox One S.

Xbox One Review – Why Buy It Now?

Until recently we weren’t particularly bothered about the Xbox One. In the past we’ve had the 360 and Aaron had the Original before we met but the Xbox One didn’t seem to excite him that much. He likes to look at the big picture and that was pointing to Sony’s Playstation 4 being the better console option; mainly because it had more exclusive games. After a short while even that became a glorified Blu-ray player. Due to the lack of use it was sold on.

Then Microsoft dropped the B bomb – BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY! Finally, we had been given something that made Xbox tip the scales, suddenly it was screaming “buy me” to us.

Xbox One Review – Why Was Backwards Compatibility So Important?

For many gamers there is nothing worse that when the time comes to upgrade your gaming device. Whether it’s your custom PC or console of choice. Many gamers will grab a new console as soon as it’s launched. Others will wait until the time comes that they’ve run out of games or their console breaks. Eventually THAT itch comes along! The itch to play a game that you used to love on your old console but now you don’t have that anymore (unless you have space to collect every console). Unless you go out and buy that older console then you’re stuffed.

I’ve sat down many times really itching to play Fable II but as it was an Xbox360 exclusive I couldn’t do anything about it other than play Fable III on my PC, until our beautiful new Xbox One appeared. Now I’m loving being back in Albion, chasing chickens, flirting with prostitutes and being the forth hero trying to save the world.

Xbox One Review – So What Do I Think About The Machine?

I can’t say much for the other styles of the Xbox One Slim but the Storm Grey version is a gorgeous machine. It’s silent, small and a remarkable piece of technology. The controller sits so comfortably in my hand that it’s now my favourite controller to date, overtaking the N64 controller. I love that I’ve been able to increase the storage by simply plugging in an external hard-drive which has given an additional 2TB of storage rather than having to mess about opening up the console, which can often lead to voiding the warranty.

The interface is smooth and easy to use. I’ve always found the 360’s interface a little too cluttered – full of ads. The new interface is simple to navigate and you can find your way around each section easily.

If you’re an audio/video enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know the Xbox One S comes equipped with an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray player and also supports HDR so you can truly make use of the best TVs currently on the market. This is a great bonus when you consider the price of an Ultra HD Blu-ray player on its own. It makes the Xbox One S a great value proposition.

XBox One Review – A Family Hit

It’s safe to say that our new Slim has been a hit with the whole family. Aaron is enjoying the backwards compatibility just as much as me, in fact I don’t think he’s played a single Xbox One game since we got it. Eban has been loving playing Minecraft with his friends from school and he got Skylanders Imaginators for Christmas. So it has kept him quiet for a good few hours already.

Are you an Xbox One owner? What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Console Yourself – My XBox One Review”

  1. Ooo, what a fab giveaway!
    Personally don’t own one but I know a few people who love their XBox One and wouldn’t think of being without it now!x

  2. My son has been after an xbox one for a while now, his ps3 is about to die, I don’t know how he’ll cope if we don’t replace it with something quickly!

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