What Is The TopCashback Giveaway

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TopCashback is a UK and USA based cashback site, offering you money back on selected purchases including insurance, fashion, food and holidays. Several times a year they open up a giveaway offering their users the chance to win some real cash by solving daily clues. I’ve been publishing these clues for a few years now to help you guys make some easy money – or at least, get one step closer to making some.

Topcashback Giveaway

What is the TopCashback Giveaway?

Firstly you either need to sign up for TopCashback.co.uk or TopCashback.com, depending on where you are in the world. Then, when the giveaways are active there will be a bar at the bottom of the website for you to click.

The giveaway comes in many different themes. Over the years there have been Easter, Travel, Halloween, Christmas, Summer, Student and Birthday themed giveaways. The aim of the giveaway is to track down the little hummingbird that appears on selected pages across the site. Every day there is a daily clue which guarantees everyone at least one entry that day. There are then random birds scattered across the site that not everyone will find.

When you click the bird you’ll either receive a treat, in the shape of an object fitting the theme (such as a snowman for Christmas), or you’ll receive a Prize Draw Entry (commonly known as PDE). If you find a treat then you will have collected one of a certain number towards instant cash prizes. These instant cash prizes range from 10p to £100 ($0.25 to $100) and the PDE enters you for the chance to win a larger jackpot.

Some of the giveaways (mainly the UK ones) also offer a Buy-To-Win Bonus which is additional chances to win cash by purchasing through select merchants during the promotional period. Not every giveaway offers a Buy-To-Win Bonus so I’ll let you know in the individual post if there is one and what the qualifying merchants are.

Looking for Topcashback Answers?

During the giveaway, I solve all of the Topcashback clues and then I share the Topcashback answers with you on my post. The current UK Topcashback Xmas Treats Giveaway is now live until the 29th December 2020, keep checking back. The current USA TopCashback Xmas Treats Giveaway is now live until the 22nd December 2020. If you throw your details into my mailing list below and you’ll receive an email when the posts go live (as well as a weekly roundup of posts or other posts of interest).

If you pop me a follow over on Twitter (and hit that notification setting) I’ll give you a couple of daily reminders so you never miss a clue but don’t worry, even if you don’t see this until the last day you can still grab every previous clue so you’re not at a disadvantage.


Don’t forget to use TopCashback to get money back from purchases even when the giveaway isn’t running. I’ve made over £1000 in cashback since I joined on everything from insurance to the weekend takeaway. TopCashback isn’t the only cashback service, make sure you also check out both Quidco and Boom25 too. Quidco is the same as TopCashback (and now under the same parent company) whereas Boom25 gives you the chance to win back some or all of your spend – yes, even on a £1000 TV.

If you have any questions about the TopCashback Giveaway or cashback in general then please drop it below or drop me a message. This post will be updated to include the newest giveaway links as soon as the post for them is live so you’ll never miss a clue!

Cashback is great but are you looking for ways to make GUARANTEED cash? Check out Matched Betting and other posts over on Modern Money Life.

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Topcashback Giveaway

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  1. Youve only put one answer up for TopCashBack UK Halloween 2019. Are you okay? Thanks

    • Hi Ange, all the answers are up since it started. You might need to clear your cookies to see them 🙂 Thanks for checking in.


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