TopCashback Sweet Treats Giveaway 2021

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The weather is warming up and we’re being told we might be allowed out to play soon, so why not spend the last few weeks of lockdown hunting down the hummingbird for our favourite giveaway? So, here is the TopCashback Sweet Treats Giveaway 2021. Good Luck!!

TopCashback Sweet Treats Giveaway 2020

The aim of the game is to use the daily clues to discover which page the hummingbird is on, the hummingbird has a gift for you so give him a click. He will then reveal what was in the gift which will either be a prize draw entry for the Mega Prize Draw worth £1,000 OR a Sweet Treat which you collect to win one of eight instant prizes. He is also hiding among other pages as well as the daily clues, this is random and you could spend all day looking but never find him – I tend to just randomly click a few extra companies each day and hope to find him.

The giveaway is running until the 21st March (23:59) so that’s 21 days of clues and prize draw entries, you can gain extra prize draw entries by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You can gain five extra entries by clicking the Xmas Treats tab at the bottom and letting people know you are playing along on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the one entry for announcing that you’ve found a treat.

Getting Started

If you don’t have a TopCashback account then it takes moments to register for one *here and you will also notice that you may have been missing out on £100’s of cashback from everyday purchases such as Sky TV, Insurance and regular clothes shopping. I’ve earned over £1500 in cashback since I became a member, and most of that was made last year.

So, I will list the daily clues below each day and don’t worry if you miss a day or two, you can still go to the daily clue you missed to find the bird and get the prize. If you want a reminder to check here then go follow me on Twitter, you can even ask Twitter to notify you when I tweet. Good Luck!

I normally have the clue up just after midnight, if not then by 10am at the LATEST! If the clue isn’t showing then it might be worth clearing your cookies and checking again.

TopCashback Sweet Treats Giveaway Daily Clues

1st March 2021: *ScottishPower Gas and Electricity

2nd March 2021: *Nourish Fit Food

3rd March 2021: *Superdrug

4th March 2021: *MISSPAP

5th March 2021: *Bloom and Wild

6th March 2021: *ASOS

7th March 2021: *Michael Kors

8th March 2021: *Waggel Pet Insurance

9th March 2021: *Protein World

10th March 2021: *Kiehls

11th March 2021: *Monsoon

12th March 2021: *Armani Beauty

13th March 2021: *Karen Millen

14th March 2021: *The Royal Mint

15th March 2021: *20Cogs

16th March 2021: *Lancome UK

17th March 2021: *Currys PC World

18th March 2021: *Etsy

19th March 2021: *Coast

20th March 2021: *Urban Decay

21st March 2021: *The Gym King Ltd

Good luck, let me know if you have any wins in the comments! Don’t forget to use TopCashback to get money back from purchases.

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53 thoughts on “TopCashback Sweet Treats Giveaway 2021”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the answers, makes life so much easier :D, did the game start on the 9th

    • Hey, you’re more than welcome. Yes, the first clue went up on the 9th so we’ve only been bird hunting for 2 days now. Good luck.

    • I’ve had to PDE in a row now and only one treat. Hopefully we can start finding the good ones soon.

  2. Just won 10p with the daily clue, decided to go ham on the tweeting this comp as I’ve realised you can immediately delete tweets after sending and you still get entries! So you’re not spamming friends lol. Good luck everyone.

    • I share to Facebook and set it for only me to see for this very same reason.

  3. Found an Extra hummingbird on eBay by accident as I was gonna shop there today ! Result !!

  4. I just search Deliveroo and got a hummingbird. No idea what day it is for!

    One candy cane away for £20, so no chance 🙁

    • Fingers crossed, I’ve not won anything yet. Deliveroo is just a random bird, nothing for me from it 🙂

  5. me too, i got a present so got 2 out of 3 now. ebuyer worth a try

  6. Won 30p so far (10p + 20p)
    and im certain its trying to tease me
    im one off of getting £10 and one off of getting £100

  7. Thanks for the clues, but the competition is as hopeless as ever i got 7 pde in a row !

  8. Thank you for pointing that out. Something must have gone wrong when I updated it for today’s – that’ll teach me to use the app to edit a post.

  9. 8th is Kiehl’s. It’s was a bit confusing because the logo has an apostrophe but TCB have spelt with the apostrophe.

  10. many thanks for making my life easy, always use you to get my Hummingbird daily answers
    Just got an additional result on LOOKFANTASTIC
    Stay safe and well

    • I’m glad to help. Thank you for taking the time to visit my post. Have a great Christmas and hopefully a better new year.

  11. just found a hummingbird on the Iceland page, got a PDE

    Good luck everyone

  12. Does it limit how many you can find in one day? I’m about a week behind and not found any of the extras in the comments, I got a couple prices from the daily clues but after about 3/4 I just started getting draw entries

    • No limit but the additional ones which are left in the comments aren’t a guarantee – just by chance.

      There is question as to whether you can only get X amount before draw entries start but I’ve not seen anything to confirm that.

  13. Are you sure Groupon is right for 24th? I guessed it was that but didn’t get the hummingbird so came here to double check ‍♀️

    • Hey, yup! It has recorded on my tracker as today’s clue. Might just be an issue with the site and be worth trying again a bit later on – it happens a lot during these giveaways.

    • They might be having an issue with it, it happens sometimes but it’s definitely confirmed as today’s clue on my log. I’d keep trying.

  14. any advice on why no hummingbirds from the 9th March..I clicked all your link but nothing happens from 9th?

    • Hey Kimberly. Sometimes they just don’t work. Have you tried clearing your cookies? If nothing is appearing after that I’d drop TopCashback a message to see if they can help.

      I know I usually struggle to get at least one bird appear each giveaway but I just keep trying. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  15. Just found an additional one at Superdrug!
    Only got a prize draw entry out of it myself but it all helps 🙂

  16. shame that they don’t know the difference between an acronym and an anagram! 🙂

    • haha yeah. To be honest my brain (at midnight) didn’t even notice that and assumed anagram anyway. Apparently they’ve corrected it.


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